Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Diwali Dhamakaa..

The NExt  exciting week at our office......

The saint Ramesh had sold fireworks so that he can use the funds for the Kids... So CHweeet...Sub-K will surely go and meet the kids some time soon....

God knows what happened to Sree... started loving animals to the core...from bulls,dogs and Balayaa...
And our chubby Bhavs... I wonder what does she do at Talwalkars as she gets  healthier by the day...
We got our dress code yesterday.... we were rolling in laughter to find the word Thongs in the dress code..
Hey thongs means beach sandals...Mind u!!

The hulky Suva... ahemm.....as I type this there is  a serious discussion that whether Suva is Suva or Suvi??

Monday Mornings are fun as usual.... with Amit showering love to the team...We love you Boss!!

Neena Madam...has become too TENDER...  By the way folks....am busy rite now as I gotta write my JD

Friday, October 29, 2010

Yipee.... Just Loving it

Where else can you get a chance to do travel to all the villages in Bharat? Grameen India is awaiting me...

Am so elated to be part of the Sub-K team which is loaded with firepower....

Suva... Sub-K ka potha... Cracking all stupid Rajni Jokes
Sharma... The official priest of Sub-K
Bhavs.... Look at the Richter scale
Neena.. Hamari GIS Naani
Sree... One stop shop at Sub-K

Hmmmm.... and the Bosses are too good to be commented on :)


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sub-ke liye hai SUB-K

What is Sub-K? 
For everyonein Hindi

Accessibility: BCO must be within 1,000 meters from customer
Affordability: Within a cost of 1,000 paisa (Rs 10) per transaction
Outreach: Each BCO is expected to serve up to 1,000 customers


BASIX Sub-K iTransactions Limited (Sub-K), a subsidiary company under BASIX, is an initiative incubated with a vision to provide a transactional platform for basic financial services. The financial services include Savings, Micro-Pensions, Micro-insurance, NREGA and other Government payments, Remittance, Micro-Credit, Utility Payments and  Mobile Top-ups through a Business Correspondent Outlet (BCO) thus, enabling Financial Inclusion(FI) which is the vision for our developing country. 
Increasing demand for basic financial services amongst all social classes, need to include the financially excluded, and rapid adoption of Mobile technology among masses, has acted as a catalyst to enable Sub-K. Sub-K which means less than 1000 was envisaged with a context that people could access financial services within a distance of 1000 meters (1 km), with a transaction value of less than Rs. 1000, and by incurring a transaction fee that is less than 1000 paise (Rs. 10), and an outlet serving about 1000 customers in a locality.
Mobile Technology has made the single most important impact on the citizens, both rural and urban, in the last decade but this digital platform has not been made use of to further rationalize the impact it can have on daily lives of individuals. Sub-K will use this highly scalable digital channel to provide access to the basic financial services to all social classes thus impacting their socio-economic lives in a big way.
Vision: All Indians will be able to undertake day to day transactions in an accessible, affordable, and secure manner
Mission: To provide financial transaction services nationwide through a network of Business Correspondent Outlets (BCOs) that will function as a network of human ATMs spanning across pan India by providing the last mile connectivity.